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tv   Newsline  PBS  June 26, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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ing to theor twolots.t down their border.ato to get involved.ambassadors for thes held an emergency meetber state have beethe emergency meetino easy to come by. authorities rms and peace. this
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unacceptable it in >> rasmussen will consider action is but he didn't ment nato mem expressed deteriorati prospect o s, given diplomatic a the forced tnhk brussels. >>urkish prime first time incident. he iss
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turkish border. th r for turkish forces any elementt pose will be treated a military the syrian governmentit was the turkish militaryiolated the airspace. fi the syrianwere killed on others are h toll is the highehe public a human rights act overnment forcesan area ten of with motors andays the attack nately 3:00 a.m. most were civilians.observers say the gover to
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prev fighters capital. group were 80 people died on monday. r putin has israel andlestine to any to palestinian abbas in the of netanyah buildingjewish the occ east and call to exerciseaintndependent state. abbas restatedhat negotiations with isr goal. russian resume the
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peace talks that years officials afghan insurgent willing to res talkshe says the obaeds to make good on itsreement. the behind the s between the two sides h din a member of taliban's politicalents the group in peace he sponhka visit tokyoto. mohomed says he discussiause the. has not followed throu one ofreleasing in american is ready to e if u.s. leaders sho also spokenhk about its troops in afghanistan combat mission in
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2014. he foreign troops y. heiban believes the soldie on prospects for peace. leaders about waking up toevery morning.ess desk the latest? >> catherine wednesday. so far w have some of the week. redit ratin banks were dowmoody's,an leaders are finances. state funds int major bann authorities decided capital the amount of ion. the governmen the bondsbank. the capital foundation financial
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in union increase end of to they were not a to secure asked for from thethe eu propos integration in at summit thathursday in the hermanrumpi report on friday monetary union. he drew up a pla the next ten otherproposes banking supervision to prevent whichnces and calls on approval from the need to issue level. another the
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introduction of common boned by member nations. heated debate expectede otherers opposeplan. they'r countries will the members. minister appointed aill the minister. prime der of an group. choice quit after be hospitalized with pains. th launched conservative led government last entered the undergo eye su samaras is out the euels on thursday recovers from the
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surg multibillion dollar aid package to greece.le greek expected to ask partners to the authority ilout. now let's gee in japan. to ramin at the ramin, investors ousing index improv out ofrward. >> yeah, we did have the home price i showed anovement, in showing that t steadily improving, albe little bit slowly. ahead o eumeeting, words chancellorngela merkel pouredver the p ctually
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economical tough words german the nikkei wednesday morning. 8,65 for t nikkei and t738. political te playing into the market here as consumption tax hike bill being yoshihi facing huge repercussions for his own ruling so these uncertainties, investors little bitsidelined yesterday. the markets today. topi little bit lower bsive move. we the rest of t now, as we mov end ofin huntingnto play aswell decliners.
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investors in someayments also of the the yen really the maj and it's gainedbit. screen. it's coming bit she dollar so lowerels and that trading aroun 100 yen levelsays what else is ahead of the might move marke well we such. we'll be durable home and that will beurse, the housingbig focus also year in the jobs and also with tax japan, investors might be l other pressure
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metals the cons so we might see sectors as >> nks update.egard as always from exchange. raminmajor. south australia open. i'll leaveeaders are lookinge and the country's growing and senior citiz
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so is trying to he and otherower set the social security syincrease goods5% to2015.awmakers voted in f. 96 voted against it. politicians hope theja they also want topid rise in spendn new komeito party v governingembers of the vote consumption taxey include leader ichiro osawa. abstained or were absent. reformshe upper houseed to be passed
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i minister hour house vote reform bills. to waste in security system. th the plannednsive reforms financial sociand improve fiscalhealth. that stable fina is th consu earlier, geneani spoke wid's senior the prime minissioning on insisting onsing the co knows are against the mo greater books
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in theperts point warning of the needtry's finances in order. debt percentage of domestic product is any other debt thend by second. u compare it to that low. on top of that, ja the highestproportions of than 65, as noda paying is ng strain onfinances. >> so i will this he aging same time the debt has? >> focusing on toward 10e've been about. a personal changes year by
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that will revenues by billions doll knows the restoring said it be a step toward the budget. economists still room to the tax rate10%. at the fund have recommended thincrease theion tax to a >> noda f his own dpjf his his affec administration? >> i noda has repeatedly sai political care so now he may fulfilled his prom time, once agai you said
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57 lawmakers of own par the20% of the ruling lose their i more than 54 land that would openibility of a motion. in minister neral election or he will have and that could near future. 200,000 people diar ii. e. anniversary on the 90-year-old woma memories come year.
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>> reporter: h orps she'sn living in this town60 >> translator: planes fly untiisy. forces landed put upe the fighting claim to her town. up for military service. she time. helter in a cave with near the her neighbors were killtor: i was inside theand i could hear i knew more peopledying.
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>> r r second daughtsband did en by herself.tor: tough at that time bn find the time to take care of.eporter: desperatefind work. she landed a at a the americans manyokinawa. i.d. for theofficer's club. as aoffice's club.ues were war house e went by, she cameor mixed
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feeli work. the bases w to war and of the sakima keptworking.l and there were bills ranslator: the u.s. had been ou kept servingi didn't think ichoice. i hadho paid me. returned japanese sakima quit he military bas and 40 she stills. baserelocating the futenma stalled. of heras built before war, but she
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needs an entry permit.tor: it's off that's what the s board it's as if strangers living ed by a fence. whatppens, peace is >> reporter: but thate is one holds for generations. the b u.s. sakima's life and rn the united states are d effects ofmori joins latest on in her >> hi there. stormy conditions are no is that
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debby has b aepression and mida. right now,ng sustain kil winds are s it looks like i head out to sea by wednesday time.velop overr into a t so, again, windso ly continue. an likely in georgia hours. some areas have r 500 trigger floodidebby's now a tropicg over northerl keep you progress. rain and intog. but back behind pressure system is th across the gr northeastern stat have a low u.s./canada
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ormy actually uns risk of around t to the south, dry. hot, humid i hot risk ofresven more. getting up to 34 degrees intoward the still on theside. 18 d expected in vao asia. tropical stormover thethis 65 gusts eters per hour. get very or make landfal late thursday and aim for as well as taiwan afterwards.
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althoughfrom the lots of country b enhancing the nsoonal vy rain and are exp of posted progress.while, heavy rain is coming ely see rain o accompanied byrms. all right. to 25 degrees i seoul with32. all right.'s go over to stormy weather expected to expand much of and the next 24t west sca af isles and w as we head another system soaring
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38 degrees in madrid and 36on your looking moscow and 18 degrees in warsaw. here's your ex and that's all for
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"newslio. thanks for joining us.
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